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Is it possible to be happy during divorce?

If you are the one who took action to file for a divorce, it is likely that you did so in pursuit of a better life. If your spouse decided to file for a divorce, you may be feeling upset and surprised about their decision. In either case, if you are in the midst of the divorce process currently, it is unlikely that you are at your happiest.

How reliable are prenuptial agreements?

If you get married and the relationship doesn't work out, you may be at risk of losing a significant amount of your financial assets, particularly if you are the sole breadwinner in the household. This is why it is very common for high-asset individuals to ask their fiancés to sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage. This document should theoretically ensure that one spouse does not walk away from a failed marriage with their ex-spouse's hard-earned assets.

Understanding contested divorces in Oregon

If you have decided to go through a divorce, you'll need to start thinking about how you will approach the divorce process. Generally speaking, there are two main routes that you will be able to go down. You can either go through a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce.

How can every couple benefit from having a prenuptial agreement?

The thought of drafting and signing a prenuptial agreement doesn't cross the minds of most couples here in Portland. One of the reasons that they're unlikely to think about it is because most people believe that prenups are just for rich people. They don't think that a prenuptial agreement will benefit those of more modest means. They'd be mistaken though. Prenuptial agreements are valuable in many different ways.

Understanding postnuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements are well-known ways for those getting married to protect their assets in the possible event of a divorce further down the line. Prenuptial agreements can cause controversy and can be very sensitive matters for couples because they must acknowledge that their relationship may break down in the future.

How do I know if my marriage is over?

Almost all married couples go through difficult periods where they question whether they should continue to reside with their spouse. Hardships in life can present new challenges and cause even the strongest partnerships to become distant.

How to handle the emotional stress of divorce

Divorce is usually an emotional rollercoaster for both parties involved. There is probably a good reason why you are choosing to get divorced, and therefore, some part of you is likely feeling relief to be out of an unhealthy relationship. But at the same time, you are probably feeling fearful about the future, worrying about how your children will cope with the changes and stressing about financial issues.

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