What are the benefits of divorcing amicably?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | Divorce

Going through a divorce signifies that you and your partner have irreconcilable differences and that it is better for both parties (as well as any children you may have) to spend your lives apart. Although this is true, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot go through a smooth, sensible and amicable divorce process. There are many services that now offer a way to help estranged couples to settle their divorce collaboratively and move on in their lives while wishing each other well.

This blog will provide a brief overview into the benefits of a collaborative divorce, and how the process takes shape.

Collaborative divorce: an overview

Collaborative divorce is the process of divorcing with the intention to come to mutual agreements instead of trying to fight against the other team. It is a method that has been proven to be effective in reducing the amount of litigation that takes place in court.

The benefits of a collaborative divorce

The process of mediation instead of resorting to direct court litigation has many benefits, including the following:

  • Exchanging with your former partner is free
  • It is much less stressful than a hostile litigation process
  • It can be less time-consuming
  • You can discuss and negotiate on a solution that works best for both of you

Divorcing collaboratively can be a great option, whether it is through a licensed mediator or if you decide to make decisions between the two of you. It can be a cost-effective alternative to an aggressive court battle.

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