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How to take legal custody of your grandchildren

Sometimes, biological parents are not in a fit state to take care of their dependent children. This could be due to many factors including mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction or the fact that they are serving a prison sentence. Children whose parents are unable to adequately care for them may have to enter the foster care system. However, a great alternative to this is if another family member, for example a grandparent or grandparents, can take full custody of them instead.

What are the benefits of divorcing amicably?

Going through a divorce signifies that you and your partner have irreconcilable differences and that it is better for both parties (as well as any children you may have) to spend your lives apart. Although this is true, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot go through a smooth, sensible and amicable divorce process. There are many services that now offer a way to help estranged couples to settle their divorce collaboratively and move on in their lives while wishing each other well.

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