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March 2020 Archives

Can I move with my child if I share custody with my ex?

Even if an Oregon parent enjoys custody of their child, they still may be restricted from relocating out of town with them without first getting permission from the court and/or the mom or dad. It can be helpful for you to review your parenting plan to see what it says about giving notice in situations in which a custodial parent is looking to relocate. A judge will also want to know that your move is in the best interest of your child.

How can every couple benefit from having a prenuptial agreement?

The thought of drafting and signing a prenuptial agreement doesn't cross the minds of most couples here in Portland. One of the reasons that they're unlikely to think about it is because most people believe that prenups are just for rich people. They don't think that a prenuptial agreement will benefit those of more modest means. They'd be mistaken though. Prenuptial agreements are valuable in many different ways.

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