How can every couple benefit from having a prenuptial agreement?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Divorce

The thought of drafting and signing a prenuptial agreement doesn’t cross the minds of most couples here in Portland. One of the reasons that they’re unlikely to think about it is because most people believe that prenups are just for rich people. They don’t think that a prenuptial agreement will benefit those of more modest means. They’d be mistaken though. Prenuptial agreements are valuable in many different ways.

It can protect your business.

A prenup can protect your exclusive rights to your business if you divorce. This is important. Your company may be nothing more than a fledgling startup right now. It could take off and become quite successful though. You may end up having to split up your company with your spouse if you don’t sign a prenup.

It can provide financial security.

You may also find it helpful to sign a prenup if you anticipate needing financial support upon your spouse’s death. A prenuptial agreement can be written to either circumvent or reinforce state inheritance guidelines. This can result in less legal wrangling down the line. This may be particularly important for parents who have kids that were born from a prior marriage. These fathers and mothers may also want to protect their kids’ inheritances. A prenup can help them do this.

It can make your divorce easier.

One of the more common reasons why individuals sign prenups is because they want to be able to expedite the divorce negotiation process if they do ultimately split up. Drafting an agreement such as this can help them achieve this.

Talk about your goals and what you want to see happen if your marriage ends. This will allow your lawyer to craft a document that protects you and your interests the most.