Enforcing a parenting plan in Oregon

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2019 | Child Custody

If you have a parenting plan in place, you will expect that the other parent will respect this. However, if they intentionally or consistently violate the parenting plan, you should take this very seriously. There are possibilities for you to take action to enforce this.

You should first take the time to review the details of the parenting plan and ensure that the other parent has indeed violated the order. When you have done this, you may want to engage in written communication to notify the other parent of the violation. You may want to do this before getting the law involved because the other parent may not have realized the seriousness of their actions and may agree not to violate the plan again.

When should I take legal action to enforce the parenting plan?

Some parenting plan violations might be very minor, such as in a situation where the parent arrives a few minutes late. However, other situations, such as a no-show to the arranged child handover, could constitute kidnapping, and you may see it appropriate to get the police involved. It is up to you to make the judgment based on the nature of the violation.

What could be the consequences of enforcing a parenting plan violation?

If you file information with the courts after a violation of the parenting plan, there will be a hearing as a result. This might lead to a modification of the parenting plan, fines for the parent who made the violation or a change in child support.

If you need to enforce a parenting plan in Oregon, it is important that you take swift action. An experienced attorney can provide much-needed advice and guidance.