Is it possible to arrange child custody without the courts?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Child Custody

Going through a divorce or separation is stressful not only on the couple involved but on their children too. This is why it is very common for separating couples to want to avoid any additional conflict in child custody arrangements.

If you and your separating partner are looking to avoid the courts when arranging child custody, it is possible to do so. However, achieving an agreement without the court’s intervention is not always easy, and this is why it is important that you look into how this can be most efficiently done. Many parents decide to look into alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods as a way to do this.

What is alternative dispute resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution can be achieved through mediation. Child custody mediators provide an environment whereby both parents can present their wishes for their future relationship with their children. Each parent is likely to have their own individual concerns about custody. In mediation, these concerns will be addressed through facilitated discussion between the two parents.

What are the advantages of alternative dispute resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution can carry some obvious advantages, such as being less expensive and time-consuming than court intervention. In addition to these benefits, mediation can help you and the other parent to work through any communication issues that you have so that you can become better co-parents in the years to come.

If you are considering alternative dispute resolution in order to arrange child custody after a divorce or separation, you should make sure that you create a strategy that is ideal for your specific situation.