What are the most common child custody battle mistakes?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Child Custody

Going through a court battle to ensure that you have access to your child can often feel perverse. Every loving parent should be able to have a relationship with their child if they have a positive influence.

Some well-meaning parents can, unfortunately, suffer a negative outcome after going through an intense custody battle. This can often be because they made certain mistakes and relied too heavily on their emotions throughout the process. The following are some common mistakes that parents make in a child custody battle.

Don’t assume what your children want

If your children are at an age and maturity level that means they can now express their opinions and desires, it is important to listen to them. You cannot simply assume that your children will want to stay with you. Equally, you should not project your own beliefs onto your children.

Don’t let anger and resentment drive your actions

Your actions in a child custody battle should be made out of love for your children. Therefore, everything that you say and do should be with them in mind. Most parents believe that they act in accordance with their child’s best interests, but instead, they let their anger toward their former partner fuel negative and hostile behavior.

Don’t give in to your ego

A child custody battle is not about winning or losing. It is about getting the best result for your child. Therefore, you will need to work hard to let go of your ego and do what is best for your children.

If you are worried about how a divorce will affect child custody, it is important to take action to understand the law.