How do child custody disputes affect children emotionally?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2019 | Child Custody

Many parents enter child custody disputes because they want to get the result that is best for their children. However, it’s ironic that by doing this, they often create a toxic parental atmosphere that has a negative effect on their children.

Dealing with custody issues in a sensitive way is vital if you want to minimize the effect that the process has on your children. By learning more about the possible ways that child custody disputes can affect children, you will be able to be more proactive in taking preventative measures.

Separation anxiety

If a child is confused about the changes that are happening, they may become very anxious and distressed when they need to part with one parent. This situation can arise when schedules are not predictable for the child and when their previous expectations have not been met.

Feelings of guilt

If a child witnesses their parents arguing about them, they may very easily interpret this as their fault. This can lead to internalized guilt and often to problems with their identity that arise from seeing conflicting parents.

Anger and suppressed emotions

When a child’s emotions are not adequately addressed, this can cause them to become suppressed. Over time, this may lead to angry outbursts in some children. This anger can also lead to problems at school and difficulty concentrating.

If you are concerned about how the process of separation may affect your child, it is important that you consider more collaborative ways to get the child custody arrangement that you believe is best. By thoroughly researching the law, you will be able to get a better understanding of what is possible.