Should I pursue an uncontested divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Family Law

When going through a divorce, there are infinite ways to approach the process. However, generally speaking, all of these approaches will fall into two main categories: contested and uncontested divorces.

A contested divorce means that spouses enter a dispute regarding one or more details in the divorce. This could be a dispute about child custody, property distribution or spousal support. An uncontested divorce means that both spouses agree that going through a divorce is the best way forward, and they agree to work through issues together.

What are the benefits of filing for an uncontested divorce?

Perhaps the most significant benefit to an uncontested divorce is the reduction in divorce costs. Fewer disputes mean fewer costs associated with the divorce process.

While saving money is a good reason to go through an uncontested divorce, there can be social benefits in addition. Everyone would like to avoid toxic situations if possible, and an uncontested divorce can help you do that. You will have an incentive to collaborate and compromise with your divorcing spouse rather than fight them in a court battle. This can also benefit the children that you share because you will probably be better co-parents if you can work together.

Are there things I should be concerned about regarding uncontested divorces?

An uncontested divorce requires that compromises are made, but you should make sure that you are not taken advantage of by your divorcing spouse. Remember to weigh up the costs of a conflict with the costs of a compromise.

If you are facing a divorce in Oregon, you should consider the advantages of uncontested and contested divorces before deciding on the best path to take.