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How to be a co-parent during the school year

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | Child Custody

Being a co-parent is not an easy situation in which to be no matter how old your children are right now. It can be especially difficult when your children are still young and in school. Somehow, someway, the two of you need to show a unified front when dealing with school issues, events and more. Let’s explore how you can co-parent successfully during the school year in today’s post.

Make sure your child’s teacher has the phone numbers and email addresses of both parents. Both of you should be included in communication with the teacher about your child. This includes knowing when parent-teacher conferences are being held, which should be attended by both of you at the same time.

Create a shared calendar on the cloud with all of the important dates from the school calendar on it. This calendar should be accessible by both parents and anyone else in the family who will be attended school events or picking the child up after school.

Attend events even if the other parent is present. Do not skip events because you don’t want to see the other parent. This will only hurt your child emotionally. You don’t have to sit together, or even interact, but you should be there if your schedule allows.

Discuss school projects with the other parent and how they will be handled by the child or who will purchase the supplies. Make sure the other parent knows when the child is home sick from school and what work needs to be completed.

Co-parenting with children still in school is challenging but it can be done effectively if you follow the tips outlined today. There are so many ways you can love and support your child while they navigate the difficult waters of going to school.