Tips for divorcing a passive-aggressive spouse

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Family Law

The fact that you are considering divorce suggests that you and your spouse do not currently see eye-to-eye. You may disagree with the way that your spouse handles certain situations, and you may find that recent arguments have blown up without warning. If your spouse is passive-aggressive, you will probably be feeling frustrated because you feel that you are never able to have an honest and open conversation.

It’s important that you try to have a civil relationship through the divorce process. Therefore, it’s wise to invest in your relationship, even if your ultimate goal is to cut all ties. By learning how to communicate better with your spouse, you’ll likely have a smoother divorce process. The following are some tips on divorcing a passive-aggressive spouse.

Try to talk about issues head-on

Passive-aggressive people tend not to address issues directly. Therefore, you should try to sit down with them and facilitate this process. Try to be open and solution-orientated. You may be able to help them express their emotions better, and issues may be more easily resolved.

Be aware that they may try to spite you

Passive-aggressive people tend to try to gain revenge if they have a grudge. Therefore, don’t be surprised if they fight for sole custody. You may even want to plan for this so that you have the best possible chance of having a fair outcome.

Divorce is always difficult, but it can be made even more challenging if you have a passive-aggressive spouse. Make sure that you understand your legal rights and plan your divorce strategy early on in the process.