How is child support determined in Oregon?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Child Custody

Raising a child takes more than just love and dedication. It can take a lot of money to ensure that a child has everything they need to survive and thrive. When Oregon parents decide to separate or divorce, the financial obligations that each has to their children do not disappear. Following the end of a relationship, co-parents must work to financially provide for their shared children.

Oregon has several laws concerning the appropriate process of providing child support to kids subject to child support orders. This informational post does not contain legal advice what does provide an overview of what factors are relevant to child support decisions in the state. Individuals with questions or concerns about their own child support obligations and orders may choose to contact their family law attorneys for specific case advice.

The income-share model of child support in Oregon

Child support payments are based on a set of guidelines that analyze the unique factors relevant to children and their parents. One of the most significant factors that is considered under Oregon law is the income of the child’s parents. A parent may pay more or less child support depending on the level of their individual income.

Another factor that is considered when child support is being determined is the amount of time that each parent has their child under their care. A non-custodial parent may therefore pay more child support due to the reduced amount of time they have their child when compared to the amount of time their co-parent has their child. This type of child support structure is called the income share model because it is based on the parents’ incomes and relative custodial duties.

Other factors relevant to child support

There are other important factors that are considered during child support deliberations. When children have special needs, those needs may be considered in child support evaluations. Health care costs, educational costs, and other costs may be relevant to child support determinations as well.

Child support is an important obligation that survives separation and divorce. Problems can arise during the deliberation and payment phases of child support. When issues come up, parents can seek the counsel of trusted family law attorneys to help them with their child support needs.