Four tips for co-parenting during the summer months

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As summer approaches, many divorced parents and their children will be transitioning from their school-year custody plan to their summer custody plan. This involves cooperation between both parents, as a summer child custody plan can look very different from the one used the rest of the year. The following are four co-parenting tips for families in Salem to consider when school lets out and summer begins.

Tip one: review any existing summer child custody plans

Whether you have been divorced for years or if it is your first summer as a divorced parent, it is important to review any existing summer child custody plans to determine if any changes need to be made. Try to review these plans as early as possible to ensure there are no last-minute surprises. If changes do need to be made either parent can move the court for a modification that, if approved, would make the changes legally binding.

Tip two: exchange information about travel plans

Many parents, divorced parents included, take their child on a vacation during summer break. If you plan on doing so, it is important to discuss the matter with your ex. You will want to make sure that both you and your ex know of these plans ahead of time before finalizing any vacation plans, especially if they will deviate from the existing child custody plan.

Tip three: examine your work schedule and social activities

In the summer you may have travel for work or spend more (or fewer) hours at the office. In addition, activities such as weddings and family reunions often take place in the summer. It is important to plan ahead with your ex if parenting time swaps need to be made. In addition, if both you and your ex both want to attend events such as sports games or graduation parties, discuss the matter ahead of time to ensure you are both willing and able to attend events together.

Tip four: get your kid’s opinion

Many children of divorce thrive if they are able to continue doing the same summer activities they have enjoyed in the past. Even if you have been divorced for years, your children may still have ideas on what they would like to do this summer. If possible, incorporate these ideas into your summer co-parenting schedule.

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With cooperation and communication between you and your ex, it is possible to co-parent in the summer in an effective manner. This post is for educational purposes only and does not contain legal advice. Our firm’s webpage on child custody may be of interest to those who want to learn more about this topic.