Scooter Braun, music mogul, splits from heiress wife

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2021 | Divorce

Music industry power player Scooter Braun has separated from his wife of seven years Yael Cohen.

Braun is best known for managing the careers of numerous high-profile musicians, including Kanye West and Taylor Swift. The 40-year-old record executive recently made waves when he sold the rights to Swift’s first six albums for $300 million – a decision that angered the pop star.

The couple were initially rumored to have only separated, but it now appears that Braun has made the split official by filing divorce papers in Los Angeles County. The filing came just days after their seventh wedding anniversary.

Ms. Cohen is best known for her philanthropic work in addition to being the daughter of David Cohen, a South African oil and mining magnate.

It’s expected that couple’s three children and immense personal fortune’s will be important factors in the divorce proceedings. A prenup is in place, but its terms are not known.

Braun is being represented by notable celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser.

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